Life Coach


Reverend Kathleen Shannon is a certified Master of Life Metaphysical Counselor and Universal Life Minister. She has been counseling since 1994, using Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression as tools for greater clarity and understanding, in order to bring back your personal power, balance and love of self. She is a Life Coach and a proponent of The Law of Attraction and Art of Allowing as introduced to the world as the Teachings of Abraham. Reverend Kathleen can help you to utilize and understand these concepts while teaching you how to manifest what you desire to be in your future. This can include meeting and working with your spirit guides and higher self, experiencing Life Between Lives, creating excellent health and abundant wealth, and enjoying the very best in relationships with others. This work can banish any fears of death, fear of living, and allow you a belief in God that stands on firm ground. This work can allow you the security that God only wants the very best for you and is sending you well being and health 24/7, and how to access this exciting and eternal life stream. This work can teach you how to work with the universal energy fields in the holographic universe in which we find ourselves living in, to manifest your best possible future. This work can dissolve any blocks to your success. These blocks can come not only from your thoughts, your childhood and your parents, but also from your ancestors, past lives and parallel lives.

“Who you are is who you will attract. Others are mirrors.” Reverend Kathleen Shannon

“You can only expect others to love you when you love and respect yourself first.” Reverend Kathleen Shannon

Hiking Joshua Tree National Park on A Path To Well Being.
Joshua Tree Sunset Meditation