Hypnotherapy or Life Coach Counseling:

A package pricing of 3 (ninety minute) weekly sessions paid at the start of the first visit is $210-highly recommended if learning hypnosis for the first time. Each single (ninety minute) session pricing is $79. You may purchase the set of 3 visits at any time. This category includes Past Life Regression, Spirit Guide Contact, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Counseling.

Reconnective Healing:

Each one hour session is $111, and it is suggested to have up to 3 sessions for any one type of need. No more than 3 sessions are recommended for any one situation, as the healing continues to unfold over time. Distance Healing is also included in these services at the same rate. This work is facilitated in non-local reality, anywhere in the world, and is just as effective as having a Reconnective Healing in person. The person having the Reconnective Healing does not need to know about it or give their permission to have it done. 

Distance Healing:

One session anywhere in the world: $111. It is just as effective as in person. It is facilitated in non-local reality at the same time as you lay down in your home, at the hour that you choose. Rev. Shannon will call you just before the session begins, and then she will perform the healing in her work space in real time. After the Reconnective Healing© is complete, Rev. Shannon will call you again to write down your experience for her records. The distance healing can also be gifted to a friend or family member. The person receiving the gift does not need to be told about it if necessary.

Online Video Sessions-NEW!

Hypnotherapy and Reconnective Healing online, 1 hour session, $111 at No cancellations less than 24 hours. No appointments scheduled less than 24 hours in advance. First appointment may be free in promotional offer, check the home page for the banner Free Healing. Call Reverend Kathleen at 949-422-4092 for help in signing up and making your first appointment.

The Personal Reconnection:

Facilitated for you only once in a lifetime over a period of 2 days, it is always offered at a set price of $333, by any certified practitioner. There must be at least one night of sleep in between the 2 one hour sessions. The Personal Reconnection continues to unfold throughout your life. The Personal Reconnection can only be facilitated in person. You do not have to have a Reconnective Healing before you receive The Reconnection, but it is recommended. 


$300 for a two hour time window guaranteed on the day of the event. A rehearsal the day before, suggested for any large wedding party is a separate $100. Transport for the bride and groom in the White Wedding Mobile, an immaculate 2007 PT Cruiser, by the Reverend herself $100. Finding and securing a wedding venue, $100.

ML830 Cold Laser:

A beginner package pricing of 3 fifteen minute daily sessions is $45. Each follow up single cold laser session of 15 minutes-pricing is $20.  Allow 15 minutes of time for each body part being worked on. Chronic injuries may take longer to heal than acute pain and injury.

Past Life Parties:

Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on attendance, click here: {}

Tipping is not discouraged. Positive reviews on Yelp and Google are helpful. Referrals are very appreciated.

Thank you very much and many beautiful blessings, Reverend Kathleen Shannon.


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