Hours, Pricing, Venues, Counseling for Couples

Office Hours: Open 7 days a week! Monday through Sunday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, by appointment only. Call or text 1-949-422-4092 to Reverend Kathleen Shannon directly, or email: kathleen444@gmail.com. Also it is possible to have Kathleen come to you!

Counseling: Only $79 for a one time 90 minute session for one person. This includes any type of counseling, talk therapy or hypnosis: past life regression, life between lives,  back to childhood regression, etc. Purchase a package of 3, 90 minute sessions, for only $210, anytime!

Counseling for couples: If you come in together it is only $111 for a 90 minute session. Purchase a package of 3, 90 minute sessions, for a couple for only $299!

Reconnective Healing: $111 for a one hour session per person.

The Personal Reconnection: $333 total, facilitated over 2 days, each a one hour session for one person.

Wedding Ceremony Availability: Any day, any time, check with Reverend Kathleen Shannon for all bookings. Call or text (949)422-4092, or email kathleen444@gmail.com. Other types of ceremony are available, just ask!

Fridays, Saturdays and Saturdays, are preferred wedding ceremony days and can even be booked at the last minute. The deposit fee is only $100. Any day of the week is a fine day to have a wedding. Call Reverend Kathleen Shannon directly for more details. Peruse this website for the page that has photos of past performed weddings and more pages to get ideas for your special day! 

Pricing: A wedding officiant package by Reverend Kathleen Shannon is a $300 fee which includes a custom ceremony and creating vows. If needed, includes a sound system and stand up microphone. A $100 deposit is required to hold the date. The wedding officiant fee includes the marriage license document recorded with Orange County, hand delivered. Weddings in other counties, a $50 fee to hand deliver it. A receipt will be emailed, proving it was received by the county recorder’s office. Payment can be made over the phone or in person with any credit card or debit card. Cash, Paypal, electronic check and Apple Pay are also accepted.

A copy of the marriage license can be ordered after one month for $15 from the county recorder’s offices.

$25/hr. travel time fee includes gas, if the distance is over 25 miles. 

A wedding ceremony rehearsal with the wedding party the day before the Big Day is a separate fee of $100 and is highly recommended for an exceptionally smooth wedding.

Transport to the wedding venue and the reception in an immaculate white wedding mobile, a 2007 PT Cruiser is available for $100.

Wedding Venue: If you do not have a venue and would like Reverend Kathleen Shannon to find one for you, she can find your perfect romantic place. The fee for this service is $100. She has many amazing locations to choose from, some with no paperwork or extra permit fee for the city of the venue, including fantastic beach locations, mountain tops with ocean views and a cosy secluded rose garden with a rose arbor at a public library location. Laguna Niguel has a botanical garden with a large, ornate and breathtaking wedding venue at the top of the hill with beautiful views. She can email you links and photos with detailed descriptions and addresses to check out. She specializes in outdoor, natural, affordable eco-locations. If you plan to have your wedding on a beach or other public location, such as in a park, sometimes a city permit must be obtained in advance for certain locations and it is time sensitive. These cities include Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach and South Laguna. The beautiful, wide sand beaches of San Clemente and Newport Beach do not require a permit for a wedding or professional photography and can make gorgeous wedding picture keepsakes with their famous piers and glowing sunsets in the background. There is definitely less stress going to these alternative beaches that don’t require a permit.

Here also are Reverend Kathleen Shannon’s indoor location suggestions:

Venue: “Awakenings Center for Conscious Living, a large room for a small weddings up to 30 people. Metaphysical theme, like a temple, chairs are included. Nice wooden dance floor, large window. Nice price. Located at 25260 La Paz Rd. Laguna Hills (949) 457-0797, ask for Brandon Comacho, the owner, and give my name for reference as the officiant”

Venue: The Hills Hotel, 25205 La Paz Rd. A very beautiful all inclusive hotel/resort across the street from Awakenings Center. “It has 2 different size settings for gorgeous weddings from 100 to 280 people. I attended one of their yearly bridal shows featuring talented wedding artists and consultants of all kinds, and tried lots of amazing food and cakes from different vendors and the hotel catering. The hotel was in top form with new remodeling. The entire hotel was outfitted for the bridal show and I was invited to tour the rooms, suites and ballrooms. Each ballroom was set up with a different theme. It was breathtaking. Laura Gutierrez is the current wedding and catering manager as of 2018. Please call her at: (949) 586-5000 for more information.”

Reverend Kathleen Shannon can also travel to a venue of your choosing, such as a home, beach, garden or community center. Included is a sound system for voice and a separate system for wedding music if needed. Make an appointment for a wedding planning consultation today by calling or texting Reverend Kathleen Shannon directly at (949) 422-4092 or email: kathleen444@gmail.com.

Pre-wedding counseling services by Reverend Kathleen Shannon are available and strongly advised to create and maintain a harmonious marriage. Traditional marriage counseling is offered which includes the realities of married life, life with children, coping with in-laws, all about aging and life’s phases and what to expect, such as mid-life crisis, menopause, death of a family member, and what to do in those situations. Also available: Past-life therapy for couples. Were you “born again to be together?” Finding out if you’ve had any past lives together is very beneficial if you want to understand what your relationship patterns are, what lessons still need to be learned, and so brought you both back together.

Receive non-biased, non-religious, but spiritual advice and counseling early while you are in your loving honeymoon phase. It may save your marriage later, when no-one is in the mood to see a counselor, and you are struggling to understand what is going on. How to co-create a happy marriage by understanding the Law Of Attraction.

Pricing: $100 for the couple together at each session. Session is for 90 minutes. Advise is given how to stay happy together for the long term; how to navigate the trials of parenthood, in-laws and keeping your romance alive. Learn the skills to create a life of joy and mutual respect, manifesting all your desires as a couple as you begin your married life together.

Marriage Certificate: An official Universal Life Marriage Certificate in a special protective cover is a $30 donation. Stamped with a golden embossed seal, it makes for a beautiful keepsake. A simple color copy version of the Marriage Certificate is included in the wedding package fee. A golden embossed seal may be purchased to place upon it for $3.

Marriage License: A Marriage License must be purchased from the county recorder’s office in person in the county where the wedding takes place, and it is time sensitive. There is no blood test required in Orange County to complete the requirements of a marriage license. The completed marriage license document must be returned to the county recorder’s offices to be legal. The county recorder’s office has indicated they prefer the minister/officiant to deliver the document in person. This service is included in the wedding fee by Reverend Kathleen Shannon.

Payment: All forms of credit or debit payment are accepted, as pictured, including chip technology and also bluetooth devices such as iPhone and iWatch, with a mobile square reader device. Cash is accepted and a receipt provided. Payment can be made over the phone or in person with any credit card or debit card. Cash, Paypal, electronic check and Apple Pay are also accepted.

Gratuities and Internet reviews are appreciated. Emailed testimonials will appear on this website. Regular checks are accepted if mailed and received three weeks in advance of the event, for the full amount, with prior approval. Call for mailing address. Catering, flowers, decorating, photos, video, DJ and entertainment are all extra and vendors can be recommended.

Parking: Awakenings venue has a large, free parking lot. The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hills has free parking and excellent guest accommodations. The Hills Hotel is just across La Paz Road from Awakenings. Mountain top locations and The Rose Garden all have free parking available. Some of the beach locations may have parking meters, some have free parking, depending on the beach. Call the Reverend for parking details.

Cancellations: Cancellations are accepted anytime before the wedding. If the wedding is on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, the cancellation must be requested by two weeks before the wedding date for a full refund of deposit, only if the ceremony is not written already by The Reverend; otherwise a $50 refund only will be given, along with a copy of the written ceremony to keep. Cancellations within 2 weeks before the wedding will forfeit the $100 deposit. If the wedding is on a Sunday through Wednesday, there is no refund of the deposit. Any approved deposit refund may be transferred into a counseling or healing session by permission.

Final note: Marriage licenses must be returned to the county recorder’s offices in a timely manner, or they expire. The preferred method of doing this (most important) part of your wedding ceremony is for the minister to hand deliver the document. If the couple decides to mail or hand deliver the document themselves, then all responsibility of the minister is absolved. If there are any complications afterwards, and the minister must become involved again to correct any mistakes made by the couple, then there will be a $50 fee charged by The Reverend in advance of corrections. If the couple prefers to mail in the license: make a copy first, and then send it certified with a return receipt. This is strongly recommended. No smudging, stains, folding, stapling or white out is allowed. If there is, the document must be redone with a $25 fee paid to the county and a $50 fee paid to the officiant.

Thank you for your interest in having your most special day officiated by The Reverend Kathleen Shannon. “I would be very honored to be an important part of the first day of your married life together as your officiant. Please email me at kathleen444@gmail.com or call me or text at (949) 422-4092. You can also find me on Yelp! under Reverend Kathleen Shannon, Laguna Hills.

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Reverend Kathleen’s White Wedding Mobile at The Ritz, Dana Point, California